Today on Underground Utilities


ADS opens distribution center in Florida
07 March, 2016 USA--Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) announced March 2 it has opened a new distribution center in Panama City Beach, Florida. The Panama City Beach location is the company’s fourth in the state and will increase the local supply of the company’s products and improve customer service.
  • Work starts for Encina sewer improvement project
    USA – The cities of Carlsbad and Vista, California, are replacing a segment of critical infrastructure along Carlsbad’s coastline that conveys up to 33 million gallons a day of wastewater to the Encina Water Pollution Control Facility, Carlsbad City announced.
  • New leader for Vermeer
    USA – Jason Andringa has become Vermeer’s president and CEO. The announcement was first made in August 2014, as part of the company’s family succession planning process.
  • Risky auger bore project delivered
    UK trenchless specialist Perco has installed a 225mm sewer pipe underneath the Fairfield Golf Course off King's Road in Audenshaw to which is 5m deep a new housing development and 9m deep at the outfall located within the golf course. Perco were able to offer 2 techniques in which to install the new 225mm pipe using trenchless techniques. One option was to install the pipe using a 1200mm Pipe jack. This was the more expensive option, but posed little potential risk due the potential obstructions within the ground from the old refuge site.
  • Water companies accept price levels
    UK water regulator Ofwat announced that all but one of the UK water and sewerage companies have accepted its final determination, which set limits on the prices companies can charge between 2015 and 2020. Average bills are due to fall by around five per cent in real terms by 2020, while at the same time seeing improved levels of service. It is now for companies to deliver their plans.


Breaking boundaries
03 November, 2015 Prior to 2012, the integration of designed vertical or horizontal curves into microtunnel alignments was unheard of in Ontario. Following the release of a large number of infrastructure projects in suburban Toronto, clients and consultants encouraged contractors to present value engineered alternatives to pr oposed project alignments and construction methods. Seamus Tynan and John Grennan of Ward and Burke discuss three recent projects successfully constructing long-distance, curved microtunnels
  • A perfect storm
    The UK pipe jacking industry is in a sharp, albeit brief slump. Several factors have come together to make what was supposed to be an end to the rollercoaster of water work, into a complete halt in activity. Alex Conacher reports.
  • Culvert jacking
    Pipe supplier Hobas gives this brief account of a simple flood relief project near the village of Cikowice in southern Poland. The company argues that a jacked pipe solution requires less maintenance than alternatives.
  • Digital future for detection
    Underground detection technology improves incrementally but the main advances are systematic use and data collection says Adrian Greeman
  • Microtunnelling booms in middle east
    For placing pipelines and service routes microtunnelling is becoming increasingly popular in the Middle East but as the scale of work increases so does the complexity and the risk