About Us

Since its launch in February 2012 Underground Utilities has reflected the innovation that drives construction in today’s global utilities markets. From the use of microtunnelling to placing sewer lines in Toronto to spider ploughs used for laying gas mains in Australia and horizontal directional drilling onsite in the Netherlands, the magazine shares best practice and amazing projects and technologies from around the world.And this is vital.

As the rapid growth of cities increases population densities there is a need more than ever before for utility providers to install fibre-optic telecommunications, replace decaying sewer pipes, upsize water mains, repair manholes, provide gas supply connections and improve transport infrastructure.The pressure facing utility providers and local governments can only be relieved by growing investment in utility networks. As part of the Underground Utilities International family, Underground Utilities gives a renewed focus not-only to smaller diameter utilities tunnelling and ‘trenchless’ technology such as HDD, pipe jacking, bursting and ramming and auger boring, but also examines trenching, pipeline repairs and renovation techniques and other open-cut working methods. By the nature of most utility supply networks lying in urban and suburban areas, this new magazine also tackles matters such as traffic control, public safety, diversions of existing lines, and legislative developments.

Underground Utilities is edited by Bernadette Ballantyne MEng who has spent the past decade reporting on civil engineering and infrastructure projects. Bernadette studied civil engineering and environmental management at the UK’s University of Manchester.